Germany Holiday – Augsburg

And my Germany Holiday continue…

The second day in Germany ended up a bit shorter than the others as my body decided that it needed sleep.
Having a massive lay in until 11.30, I finally made my way out of bed and ready for the day to start. After living in London for 3 years now I have been used to having stores and attractions open mostly 7 days a week so I have to admit that I was a bit taken back when Julia said that stores are closed on Sundays in Augsburg.

Not wanting to waste to lovely sunshine that was giving to us we headed out for a lovely hike in the nearby forest. One of my favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to head to the woods so the day activity was just up my street.

Growing up, my family was big wood visitors and something my dad always did for us was a walking stick out of falling down branches. Still to this day, I can’t have a proper forest walk without my lovely walking stick much to my dads enjoyment.


We even found a hunting chair just as we were leaving the wood part and as anyone that still a little bit of a child, I had to climb it. It was not the easiest with my long limbs but the view from the chair was amazing!

After a long walk in the woods we just kicked back and watched telly for the rest of the night. Without having it in mind we managed to be back at Julia’s place just in time for One love for Manchester. With the attack happening in London just the day before it was one of the most amazing things I got to view. The courage in all of those artists and the public there to watch was and is truly inspiring.

Day 3 in Germany was spent in the beautiful city of Augsburg. With a digital tour guide in hand we headed out to see all the attractions of the city. If you’re looking for a place to visit with loads of amazing architecture and old buildings at the best, Augsburg is the town for you.

This was the first time I have ever gone on a city tour where I don’t listen to a guide instead all I needed was my mobile and a set of headphones. If you visit Augsburg I would advise you to take the tour yourself as it will take you to the city hall, Mozart’s house (Not actually Mozart but his fathers house), Maximilian museum, St. Ulrich and Afra Basilica + Prot. St. Ulrich and so many more places.

As the rain decided to make an appearance me and Julia ended our tour a little bit earlier and headed for one of the best cake places I have ever been to. Dichti is located in the centre of Augsburg and their cakes are to die for. I settled for a walnut slice while Julia went for the chocolate one. I know that I will be back in Augsburg again and I’m almost 100% sure that next time there will be another visit to Dichti.

On our way back to the car in the rain we found this cure little fence where the citizens of Augsburg have made their own love bridge.







This was one of my favourite places in Augsburg. This is a herb garden that is located in the centre of the town and are open for everyone. Here you can come and pick, yes you read that correctly, you are allowed to come to the garden and pick up all the herbs that you need. The only rule they have is that you don’t take a whole plant with you so others can enjoy it as well.






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