New Music Friday!!

It’s here again – I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying past- it’s already time for a new New Music Friday.



Bridge Over Troubled Water – Various Artist

The first song that I felt needed to be on this week’s playlist is the charity single Bridge Over Trouble Waters that are raising money for the victims of the horrible fire here in London last week. For all of you that have missed anything about the Grenfell Tower fire, it was a fire that broke out in North Kensington, London in the early hours of Wednesday the 14th June. Leaving hundreds of people homeless with nothing in their care it also tragically took over 70 lives. Some are still missing and after over a weeks looking now pronounced dead while some victims could be identified in the early stages of the accident.

Bridge Over Trouble Waters have been recorded by some of our biggest artists in the business right now and out of the £0.99 that the single cost on iTunes at least £0.79 goes directly to the victims. With all the horror in the world today this is just another way to show that everyone around the world is there for each other. If you have £0.99 over today, please go to iTunes and get your copy. You can change lives while you get an amazing cover to enjoy.


Brother – Kodaline

One of my favourite Irish bands is back!! Releasing new material for the first time since 2016 when they released a song with Kygo it makes me so happy to have the guys in Kodaline back with their own material, on the music scene. If you follow my blog, you know by now that I do like my Irish musicians and I think Kodaline was one of the first Irish bands that I really fell for. Even with some growth in their sound I can see Brother fitting in perfectly with the songs from Up in the air and with the band performing on the Other Stage at Glastonbury this Sunday, it will defiantly be a crowd pleaser.

I’ll make it up to you  – Imagine Dragons

I’ll make it up to you is taken from Imagine Dragons latest album Evolve that was released today. This is Imagine Dragons third album and with the last album released back in 2015 they have left their fans waiting for it. I’ll make it up to you have the classic Imagine Dragons sound which I have a feeling wont disappoint the fans.


Why – Skinny Living

Straight out from their skinny living room tour, the Wakefield – Leeds band have release their latest single Why. The still pretty unknown band have gotten a lot of attention when it comes to the video of this song all for the right reasons. The band is very bravely takes on the subject of mental health and depression with the frontman Ryan Johnston goes back to places in his childhood to tell the story. This song’s lyrics tells a powerful story that I believe will hit home with a lot of listeners. Their EP 3 was release last year and I look forward to see what will come from them in the future.


Champion – Fall Out Boy

This is the latest single from Fall out Boy’s new album Mania that is set to be released in September this year. Champion has the classic Fall out Boy sound with the heavy guitars and sing – a- long chorus. Like many artist out there today, you can tell that Fall Out Boy have transferred their sound into the more mainstream sound but managed to do it without losing the sound that made them famous.


Moonlight – Grace Vanderwaal

If you don’t recognise this name don’t worry – Grace is far from a household name around the world. Grace got her breakthrough when her audition for American Got Talent went viral. The 12 year old girl took everyone with storm with she went up before the judges with her ukulele and performed a self written song about not fitting in. Moonlight is the latest single and it’s as quirky as you expect from Grace. Her ukulele sound goes through even though more instruments have been added on the track.


Somebody Else – Circa Waves

I have to say that I was pretty excited to see Circa Waves name on the list of artist that was releasing new material this week. I was a bit disappointed thou when I notice that it was a cover song of The 1975’s song Somebody else. This is one of my favourite song of The 1975 so I was a bit nervous about how this cover was going to be. Pleasant surprised I very happy that even thou they stuck to their own sound they didn’t go too far of the original.



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