Germany Holiday – Lindau

The last travel adventure that I went on was to Germany and more specific Augsburg.  I don’t want to make this post super long so I will divide my 5 days there over different parts.

I have been blessed with amazing friends all over the world and one of my highlights in the year is when it’s time to catch up with my friend Julia. Since becoming friends on twitter years ago ( I think it might be close to 4-5 years now) the last 3 years since moving to London we have tried to meet once a year. The past two years she has made the trip over to the UK and this year I got the chance to head over to Germany.

Not counting a 24 hour trip to Berlin when I was 15 – this was my first trip to Germany. Let me just say that the pictures that I have from Berlin does not come even close to how life in Germany really is in the southern part.

Upon arriving in the tiniest airport I have ever been (Memmingen) I was ready for an adventure and the weather was not letting us down – with the sun beaming and the temperature rising I was very happy to find somewhere to change out if my warm clothes that I had flown in sense London was showing itself from the nippy side, and into something a bit cooler.

Greeted by Julia we heading towards the first days adventure – Lindau in the south of Germany. What a place! I have to say that Lindau has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. There was one moment when I was looking out over the water that it for a minute made me feel like I was in Italy.

Lindau is located just by Lake Constance and are well known from it’s city on an island. Lake Constance is one big lake I have to say, so big that if you would like to go around it you will need to bring a passport. Not only is Lake Constance in Germany but it goes all away round so it’s also in Switzerland and Austria. On a good day like when we were for visit you can even see over to Austria from the German side of the lake.

While walking along the edge of the river I can see why this is a popular attraction for many Germans. Not a long walk from the beach you come to the harbour where there is a variety of Restaurants and cafe’s.

While hiding a bit in the shadow, we took our seat for a bite to eat at Schreier just next to the harbour. The view from our table was just extra ordinary. From the outside of the Restaurant you have clear view over the harbour and the lighthouse that magnificently raised up in the end.

Watching over this view while waiting for our food I really felt like I have gone on a summer holiday. 

After a lovely lunch where I had the best Nacho salad (this needs to be done in more places) we headed to our next adventure. A Tourist boat that would go around the lake and give you a more insight of how big this lake is.








Me and Julia made our way to the outside deck to have a clear view over the view and catch a bit of sun. As boats and land appeared and disappeared in front of our eyes it was a lovely way to see new parts of the boat without having to walk around. There is a guide on the boat that is telling the history of the towns and a bit more about the surroundings but only in German so if your German is as bad as mine be ready to just sit back and relax and enjoy the view.






































Back in the harbour we made our way further into the town to see a bit more of the island. If you a in the look for small narrow streets filled with colourful houses, Lindau is your dream location. My favourite house has to be the Pink house in the top picture. As we were walking by there was a handful of people stopping at the same place I did to take a picture of the house. As it was this popular I thought that it might have been an interesting store but if I got it correctly it was a fish museum or something like that. (If anyone reading this actually know, please send a message)

We only did a day trip to Lindau but it is defiantly a place that I will visit again just to discover a bit more of the island.



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