Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams Tour – Munich 2017

I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since I was standing in the rain and was freezing my butt off to see Coldplay. For the longest time, I have wanted to see Coldplay live as I have heard amazing things about them and especially Chris Martin. Chris is such a showman and damn does he know how to make a whole stadium to feel like they are right in front of the stage.

After a very rainy and cold day in Munich, the sky managed to clear up just in time for them to get on stage. The sun must have decided that there was no way that rain was falling during this amazing show.

In the light of the events in Manchester and London, the security into the stadium was high but even though people needed to queue longer and was not allowed to bring anything into the stadium – people were happy and ready to be entertained.

After the support acts, Femme Schmidt and Alunageorge had performed it was finally time for the band to enter the stage.
Blasting O mia babbino Caro by Maria Callas – two black cars appeared from the backstage area and made their way over to the stage. Now, if you want to make sure that the fans will know that you have arrived this has to be the best way.

The first song out of the setlist was the title track of the tour, A head full of Dreams. Starting the show off with a bang, there were fireworks, lasers and the light wristband that everyone was where was having a light show of their own.

Playing all the hits, both the more dance-worthy and the crying once. There were not a single person that was not feeling the moments that we all were sharing that evening.
I don’t believe that there were many dry eyes after a very emotional fix you had been performed – just days before they had performed the same song in Manchester on the One love for Manchester concert.

One of my highlights of the night was when one fan in the standing pit got the opportunity of a lifetime – play the piano on stage with Coldplay during Everglow. The guy named Ferdinand Schwartz was holding a sign that read that he know how to play Everglow on the piano and just in time for Chris Martin to belt it out, he luckily saw the sign. Inviting him up on the stage I think we all were thinking was Chris Martin was saying out loud, don’t fuck up.
What we did get to hear thou was one talented guy play the piano perfectly.
(The video below is from Coldplay’s facebook page)


As the last notes of music were ringing out from the speakers another cheer had started to emerge in the stadium. With all of the eyes directed toward the two cars that were taking the band backstage, we all could see a running figure with arms waving to the audience. No other than Chris Martin thought that it was time to dump the car and take a victory lap over to the other side. This would probably not what the poor security lady had in mind as she seemed to be caught a bit off guard and was struggling a bit to catch up with Mr Martin.

There is always that sense of blues that hits you just after a concert is finished – where you just want to relive the whole thing again and the feeling was there this as well. It was something powerful to hear the fans singing as they were leaving the stadium and I believe that it was just the tip of the iceberg.
After the events in Manchester, it was a bit terrifying to attend a big concert like this as that had been the target just a few weeks earlier. Going through those gates and singing, dancing and having the time of my life, I was showing that I was and I am not afraid.
Hearing the fans singing along as they were leaving was just another reminder that no matter the darkness in the world, a concert with your favourite artist will always be a safe place and we will never let them win.


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