Notting Hill

Ever since seeing the movie many years ago, I have been quite obsessed with Notting Hill. This goes for both the movie and the area. Since moving to London I always try my best to stroll around Notting Hill at least once a week.

Notting Hill is one part of London that is so vibrate with colors and mixed ethnicities. In every corner, you can find a small piece of the world.

My favorite time to head over to the W11 is on a Saturday morning. This is when the famous Notting Hill market takes place. With a coffee in hand, I love to just stroll around and see what everyone has to offer.

Now if you are sensitive to big crowds this might not be for you as the tourists like this tradition as much as the locals. A few deep breaths are needed while you’re trying to make yourself though the market but I think it’s one of those things that makes the experience so much better.

As long as you pass the first part of the market it only gets better. The market is divided into different sections. The first section there is a lot of antique being sold, the second part is all about the food. This has to be my favorite part of the market as not only can you get food from all over the world but you can also buy fresh fruit and veg from farmers directly. If there is one thing that we all can do to help our environment it is to buy more local food.


In the very end of the market, you will find the part that most people forgets. If there is something that I have noticed after all of my times walking around it is that most people stop when they see the big tent going away but it’s worth to stick to it – because in the very end you will find the part of the market that is pretty much a flea market. Locals are allowed to have that part of the market to see their own things without being a standing part of the market.

If you are a lover of the movie like myself but never been there I am sorry to say that the blue door is no longer blue and most of the stores, markets and so one is not really that close in real life! Even with this in mind, it’s worth to grab yourself a coffee ( my top tip is a chai latte with 1 shot from Gail’s Bakery) and head out on your own little Notting Hill adventure.

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