New Music Friday!

Yes, people! it’s Friday again and that only mean one thing – New music Friday.

Today’s New Music Friday is being posted really late as I have been at work all day and then had to run home to pack for my travels tomorrow. Will have more about that in the next couple of days.

Lorde – Perfect Places
Lorde has released her follow up song after the huge hit Green Light. Perfect Places can be placed with every other Lorde song that we have heard but manage to stay away from the label, I think I have heard this song from her before.

Arcade Fire – Everything now
The new song from Arcade Fire does once again please these indie rock ears. Everything now is the perfect song for all of those summer road trips with a groove that will make you groove along.

Dua Lipa – New Rules
The English singer has released her new single out of her album named Dua Lipa. With the same danceable beat, she has released yet another hit.

Liam Gallagher – Wall of Glass
The former lead singer of Oasis has released his first single. Sticking to the sound that he knows this song could fit as well back in the 90’s as it does on today’s lists.

Foo Fighters – Run
They are back with a new track just as the countdown to Glastonbury and their much anticipated headlining show has started. Run do certainly not disappoint by fitting in perfectly with the Foo Fighters sound.

Olly Murs ft Louisa Johnson – Unpredictable
Olly has finally released his new single off his album 24hrs. This time he has collaborated with fellow X Factor contestant, Louisa Johnson. Unpredictable has a nice vibe to it and I can see this being played on a lot of the summer evenings playlists.

JP Cooper – The Only Reason
This is the follow up to the beautiful September song. There is something about JP Coopers soulful voice that just melts it’s way all the way into my heart. Just like September song, this song will be on my playlist this weekend.

Phoenix – Goodbye Soleil
The French band is back with another electronic inspired song. With a nice vibe – this song will be the perfect song for a summer night playlist.

Catherine McGrath – Never wanna fall in love
The Northern Ireland country singer is starting to make her mark on the country market. Currently opening for Picture this on the tour, it won’t be long until she is headlining her own shows. Having a soft spot like I do for Country music, this song is right up my street.

Radiohead – I Promise
Still being a bit too obsessed with Creep, I always get excited when Radiohead is releasing new music. I Promise is more of the slower song but still have the Radiohead sound that makes you go back in time while listening.

Aly & AJ – Take me
They are back! The sisters from California has released new music for the first time since 2007. The last 10 years the duo has gone under the name 78violet but are now back under the name Aly & AJ. Take me shows a bit more of a mature side of their music and I look forward to seeing what they have in store with music coming up.

Ansel Eigort – You can count on me
The actor mostly famous for his role in The Fault in our stars but behold, the man can also sing. You can count on me is the newest song released by Ansel in hope to break into the music scene.


What new songs do you have on your playlist this weekend?

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