Bank holiday travels

Not that long ago, we had the wonderful 4 day week here in London as it was May bank holiday. We all love a long weekend but this bank holiday got a bit longer for myself as I took the week off and headed home to my safe place.

No matter how much I love the city and the life here there is something special about going back to my parent’s house, out on the countryside where all you hear is the birds. I try to go home as much as I can but with travels to Dublin and other places the travels home so far this year have been very few. Two to be exact.

90% of the times that I go home, my trip has a purpose and this time it was just the same. The purpose of this trip was no other than to run a 5K together with my sisters in aid for children cancer research. If there is one thing that I’m not then it is a runner. I have tried to train but 2 weeks before the run I was still way out of shape and the fact that I made it over the finish line is a shock still to this day.

The 5K was something that my sisters and I decided last year to do and at the moment it always seems like a good idea but I think we all have doubts while training for the race.

My plan when going home is always to spend as much time with my family as possible but I think that anyone that lives away from childhood friends and family knows the stress that comes with it to see everyone. I usually always feel like I need a holiday after being on holiday.

The original plan for this travel was just to stay for a few days for the race. That did change when I ended up buying tickets for a concert in Copenhagen on the day that I originally was going back to the UK. So after requesting a day more of holiday from work, I was now spending almost a week at home.

The concert in Copenhagen was the day after the race and I have to say that my legs did not like me. Going from my parent’s house in Sweden to Copenhagen is thankfully very easy so a couple of hours of train travel later I was on my way to Konserthuset (concert hall) where the show was. Now I have been in loads of different venues to see artist but I think this is the first time I have been to a concert hall so see a performer that plays songs for Top 40 radio stations.
The performer I was there to see was again Gavin James. If you follow my blog you will start to see a pattern on how many times I see this guy live. After only seeing him in London, I was a bit shocked at the amount of people who was there as well of how quiet it was. When you’re at a concert in London it gets very loud but here I could hear my own thoughts really.


After three long and eventful days in the beginning of my holiday, I spent the last two just hanging out around my parent’s house and spent some quality time with my mommy. Unfortunately, I managed to time my time home with a weekend of work for my dad but I did get to see him in the evenings at least.

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