It’s all about the start…

Ever since I was really young I have struggled with body confident and just being confident in general. My main problem is that I love food too much! Food has been a big comfort for me no matter what happens in my life and that only have brought more non-self-confident as it has made me fat.

Others might say that it’s not the reason but I put my hands up and confess that I love food so much that I let it make myself fat as for a part of my life it was my only friend.

I had a pretty tough time the first years in school and while most children start to find themselves I was struggling with not trying to show my parents or sister what was happening to me deep down. More of that tomorrow in my wellness story post.

This will be my first post out of my transformation Tuesday story line. Life really is just as the title say for this post – it’s all about the start.

It took me a very long time before I started to realize that they way I was living my life was not manageable. I was always nervous about meeting new people, never wanted to be in big crowds and let’s not start with the struggle of getting dressed in the morning and actually leaving the house without having a complete breakdown.

I knew that I needed to start to make a change if I ever was going to go anywhere in this life. It was hard and it’s still hard but sometimes you just need that small spark to make it all happen.
For me, that spark was a lovely woman on twitter.
It might sound strange but after seeing a tweet from someone who I saw as an inspiration made me want to try it out. So what did this woman tweet about?
She tweeted about Jillian Michael’s 30 day challenge. If you have never heard about the 30 day challenge, I can tell you that it’s a workout DVD that you can do straight in your own home.
The concept is that you do the same workout for 10 days and then move over to another workout for the next 10 days before finally getting your assed kicked for the remaining 10 days.

This was the start of my new life. For the first time in forever I looked forward to go home and workout ( I workout the best in the evening) and that was something I never thought I would ever do. To get me more motivated I also started a little competition with my mommy and sisters, who all did the same workout DVD.
Not only did this make me move more but it also helped with focusing on what I was eating. It really is what they say, starting the change is all about changing your mindset.

4 Months after I started I had lost a total of 12kg without once visiting a gym and I was the happiest I have ever been with you own body.
These 12kg has all come back since but even if I’m not those 12kg lighter anymore it did help me to feel more confident about my body. More than that, I know that I can do it. I just need to start.

My top tips when it come to start to change your life:

– Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
– Find something that will motivate you, may it be a person, saying or ever an old picture of yourself.
– Accept that it’s going to take time. You’re not going to see the change over night but just remember that in a week, a months time you will feel so much better.
– Can’t go to the gym? Do a home dvd or find another way to get your workout in. Sky’s the limit.
– If it will push you a bit more, do like me, write a blog about it. I can promise you that nothing will motivate you more that knowing that if you just give up everyone will know 😉

What are your top tips for a new start?

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