My Monday Minute & This weeks playlist

Happy Monday all!

The month of May is not only the first month of summer but also Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is still to this day the biggest tabu subject to talk about but in young and older generations. The number of people who is diagnosed with a mental health sickness is increasing every day.

I have myself been struggling with mental health when I was younger so this is a subject that is very close to my heart and I’m proud to say that I am happily joining the campaign to speak up about mental health.

The month of May is coming to its end and therefore I have decided that this week I will have a theme through the posts with all of them having a connection to my personal mental health struggle or tips on how I stay motivated in the tough times.

The playlist below is all songs that make me feel better when I have a bit of a down mood.
Hopefully, some of these songs can cheer up your mood as well.

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