Dublin Part 2

Another trip to Dublin was happening just a bit more than a month later. This time I was over for the same reason but for a longer period.

After staying in a cozy B&B near the city center during the last visit, the plan this time was to stay the first night at a friend’s house outside of Dublin. This plan got changed as there was a bus strike on the dates of my travels – just my luck.

So instead of staying at her place, we both ended up staying in the Blooms hotel near Temple Bar. The Temple bar area is the area to be in when you’re looking for pubs or places to grab a drink – day or night.

Our double room was perfect for our one night with one double bed (which I grabbed as soon as I could) and one single bed.
Not only are you in the center of all pubs but you also get a free drink when you check in! Score!

After Lou picked me up super early at the airport, we headed off to have some sighting and some breakfast in the cutest café up on Hill of Tara and it was so cute!
I feel really bad for not getting any pictures from there but I had been up since 2 am and it was 10ish around that time and my brain was no longer there.

Throughout this trip, I did take a lot fewer pictures mainly because I wanted to spend more times with my friends as it was the last time in a while that I would be over.

For our lunch, we stopped by a favorite of ours, The Old Storehouse. Ordering in some burgers with chips, salad, and some Guinness the day was off for real.

After another couple of drinks, we were off to the next pub before heading to meet up with the rest of the group that was going to the same concert as us. Just like the first trip to Dublin, there was a concert behind the reason for this trip as well.
This time it was an EP Launch for a band called Scoops. I was lucky to meet these amazing men when they were in London to play at an Irish music festival earlier this year. After a couple of pub gigs in London that weekend I was convinced to head over to Dublin to support them on the launch of their second EP Beautiful World.

Scoops is made up of Stephen Cooper, Stephen O Rourke, Kevin Murphy and Jack Keenan (session bass player) . This evening they also had a piano player as well as a violin player. The evening was a celebration of the release of their second EP Beautiful World that was released everywhere on the 7th April. The set was a mix of songs from their first EP Scenes of Joy and Beautiful World.

Supporting the guys was two up and coming Irish bands, Military Road and Fade to light (who was playing their fourth gig ever together that night).








The next two days is Dublin was a lot calmer for myself as I have nothing planned in and you would think that this is the perfect time to explore new areas of Dublin, it would be if it hadn’t been a very achy head after the first night.

Now, an achy head is something that I have learned that you can expect when you are visiting Dublin but it’s really worth it.

Before heading our separate ways, me and Lou heading for breakfast for one more time together before its way bye-bye. Me being a breakfast person and her not so much we settled on a lovely little restaurant called Elephant and Castle – that was just by our hotel. Ordering in the only thing you can have after the night before I had the Californian sunshine breakfast, which pretty much was an English breakfast. With some food in my body and coffee, it was time for me to walk through Dublin to the other side to head for hotel number two during this trip.

Whenever I am traveling I’m always traveling on a budget and there are nothing more frustrated to find hotels, flights and everything you need to a good price. I am that person that has every single comprising app on my phone and even when I don’t have any travels booked in, I’m still constantly checking the prices and how they move up and down.

For this trip, I knew that I didn’t want to spend too much money per night in the hotels as we ended up needing to stay two nights, as well as I, wanted to be central with the bus strike. My decision ended at the Russell Court Hotel that is just by Grafton Street.

My original booking was for a single room as this was the cheapest I was hoping that my room would be ready coming a bit earlier to check in. Having worked in hotels myself I know that sometimes this is not always possible. However, upon arriving at hotels I was lucky enough to be able to check in right away. The service at the hotel was lovely and they were really helpful both on check in and check out. Upon checking I was told that my room was on the top floor which I was grateful for as there is a nightclub in the hotel and even though I am a heavy sleeper it’s quite nice to have a quiet room.

Opening the door to my room, I did have to call down to the reception to make sure that I was in the right room and that my booking had correct. A quick watch of the video below will explain the reason.


So it turns out that I had been upgraded by the reception without them telling me. This just made this trip so much better and feeling a bit blue, I have to say that I did not want to leave that room.

Having made plans with my friend Jack – I did end up leaving the room. After a quick trip to have a wander around Grafton street and enjoying the tiny sun there was in St Stephens Park, we did head back to the hotel room to get some well-needed rest and for me to recover from the hangover (they do actually get worse the older you get).

My last day in Dublin was mostly spent wandering around and just grabbing as much of the Dublin atmosphere that I could before it was time to take the bus (thankfully airport bus was still running) and head towards the airport.

You can find more of Scoops music on the below links:
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/0YAL9fTGTTYqKjucMn54nL
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Scoops1989


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