Dublin Part 1

One of the top cities on my list to visit has always been Dublin. Over the last few months, I have been lucky enough to not only visit once but twice with just a few weeks between and I have to say that this city is beyond all of my expectations.

As this city is only growing on me I thought it would only be fair to talk about some of my favorites from those travels.

My first visit to the emeralds island was back in February as a little early birthday treat to myself as well as a short and last minute trip. Don’t we all just love the idea that one day just be able to decide that you want to go one a trip and jump on a plan? It wasn’t completely that impulsive as going to another country does come with some planning.

This being said, my first ever trip to Dublin lasted a total of 36 Hours.

Starting my trip already the day before, as I had booked a 6.30am flight over, it was butterflies in my stomach all night. There is something about traveling to a new place that just makes me so excited. I fly a lot visiting my family back home but this would be the first time that I didn’t get a plan towards Copenhagen that I usually do but on a plane heading the other directions.


Landing in Dublin I was once in awe of how friendly the airport staff was with helping lost travelers like myself. Within 15 minutes of coming out of arrivals, I was on a bus heading towards the city center.

The first few hours after arriving I was on my own strolling around trying to find my way. You can say what you want about google maps and the help that it’s giving you when you’re new in town, but there is something special about just wondering around on your own and getting lost.


The weather was just as I was expecting during this trip, gray, bit chilly and the rain was hanging in the air. This might be something that would turn others off but for me, that was the perfect way to really enjoy this Irish city.

As much as I would love to just have a trip like this with nothing booked, I did go over for a reason. That reason being Craig Gallagher. Craig Gallagher is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Dublin that was doing his biggest headlining show in Whelan’s (it was even sold out!). For other music lovers out there you might have heard about Whelan’s before, for you that haven’t, let me just say that Whelan is one of the historic music venues in Dublin where a lot of new bands performs though times.


After meeting up with my friend Lou, we heading the only way there is really before a concert, the pub. Now a pub is not a hard find in Dublin but be ready to pay a little more than you probably would here in the UK for a pint in some pubs. Starting off our afternoon (by now it’s only 2 pm) we headed to the legendary The Old Storehouse. Being shown the start-up pub where both Gavin James and Craig Gallagher started their careers set us off to a good start for the night. After a quick pint, we were off round the corner to pub number 2, The Auld Dubliner. In my opinion, one of the best things about Dublin is that no matter what time of the day, you can go into a pub and there is live music. The atmosphere in the pubs is amazing that it’s quite remarkable what a bit of live music can do to people when they have had a few..

After meeting up with more people in the pub it was time to start heading towards the venue.
Seeing an artist in a venue like Whelan’s is quite amazing as it’s very raw. Seeing Craig perform many times when he has been in the UK it was something special standing in the front of his biggest show to date. Already as his support acts, Aaron Rowe and Brian McGovern, you could tell that it was going to be an amazing night based on the atmosphere in the room.





The good thing about being forced to leave your hotel room early after a night like that is that you actually get up. Having pretty much a whole day before heading back to the UK I took the advantage to just wander around the center taking it all in. I even managed to meet up with an old colleague of mine, who would have thought that and Italian and a Swede would ever meet up in Dublin. It defiantly is one of the best things about living abroad, a number of people you will cross paths with.








Deciding to take the long way home from Dublin might be a decision that I will forever regret. While booking the trip I thought it was a great idea to take the bus (and ferry) over to London. This would be a 12-hour journey overnight and I thought that it would be no problem. I will now take that back.
Imagine being 12-hours on a bus or a ferry and you can’t really sleep or move (being as tall as I am).

It might have sounded like a great idea but I have to say if you can fly, take the bloody plane.

You can hear more from Craig and Brian on Spotify. (Links below)
Craig Gallagher; https://play.spotify.com/artist/7kbX4giqFC4mqlxeIPIY2x

Brian McGovern; https://play.spotify.com/artist/705WMHXVMIrwDyFSpEWB2C


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