Saturday night concert

If there is something in my life that I just love, then it is to go to concerts. There is something about that atmosphere that is just memorising & a bit addictive. Who would have thought that being in a tight, sweaty & crowded place would bring so much joy.

This year I have been so lucky so far & have already added a lot of concerts on my go to list. Some that is already been & some that is coming up later this year.

Saturday it was time for one concert that I have been looking forward to since November last year when the tickets were released. People that knows me, know that I am not good at waiting for events & that if I have decided to go somewhere I want it to happened the next day.

This said, I did wake up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. Not only was it the day of the concert but also my friends from Ireland was flying in for the concert & I was also looking forward to a weekend of catch up.

So who is this artist that makes me feel like a kid you might ask? Well no other than Gavin James.


For all of you that haven’t heard about Gavin James, let me do a quick introduction. Gavin, the tallest & quickest talking leprechaun, is a singer & songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. Starting his career in pubs & crowds for 10 people, he has now talken over the Irish music scen touring with artists like Kodaline, Sam Smith & fellow ginger Ed Sheeran.

Gavin’s first break in the UK & most of the world was with the release of his song Nervous.

Yesterday was the last date of his week long UK tour & I have to say that he ended it with style. Supporting him on his second headlining tour in the UK, have been Freya Ridings & James TW, both up & coming artist that I’m pretty sure that will be household names very soon.

For a Gavin James superfan as I do believe that I can count myself as most of the setlist was the same as the previous tour. I think that for a new artist having two tours with the same setlist can be daunting but for Gavin it just work. The setlist is divided beautifully between classic ballads like For you & Nervous & more upbeat songs like Two Hearts & Say Hello.

I have heard so many times people saying that one important things for an artist is to have a connection with the audience. This might be the energy that they have on the stage or their love for the music that they openly share but one thing that I love about Gavin James is that he can manage to get 2500 people to get completely silence in a venue like O2 Forum & sing a song with no microphone & just his guitar.

I would like all of you that’s reading this to take a second, sit back and take a listen to this;

Being the final stop of the tour I already knew a lot of the songs that he played on the other stops & have being told that he was premiering a completely new song on this tour made me really excited. There is always something special about hearing a new song for the first time. What made me even more excited was that in London we were not only treated to one new song but two! If these two songs are giving away any details for how his second album is going to sound like, we are all in for a treat.

33884747176_4e4b97d6cc_oFreya Ridings, one of the support acts. 

33796293911_5df18fedea_oJames TW, the second support act of the night. 


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